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Changes from July 19th

Thank you to all our customers who have kept us going through these uncertain times, we are excited to get a bit closer to "normal"

Restrictions are lifting but we will still be taking measures to keep you and our staff safe:

Most of us will continue to wear masks at work. 

It is no longer mandatory but we encourage customers who are able to, to wear masks in busier areas of the pub, and whilst ordering drinks at the bar.

Please continue to respect each others space, and distance where you can.

Staff will be taking lateral flow tests weekly.

Hand sanitiser will remain available all around the pub, please use it!

Our friends Hoopla Impro will be keeping their cabaret-style seating plan in the theatre upstairs to allow for distancing.


Some changes to our systems:


We are going back to bar service.

Our online-ordering system Butlr will still be available to order food to your table - just scan the QR code and you can order in a browser - no more downloading an app.

Bookings will be more limited - see our full bookings policy here.

As always this will be a learning curve, and we will change our policies as we need to.

Please bear with us, and be respectful of our staff; these are uncertain times and we may be very busy as restrictions lift, but we will always do our best to ensure you have a good night.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to see our risk assessment, please feel free to email 

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