Geekeasy: 8bit Reboot, with Steve McNeil & King Rob from Go


08:00 PM

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"Beep boop beep beep boop. Blaap baap blaap boop. Baaaaaaaap."

It's the Princess! She's In trouble! Quick, call the gang and jump into the Karts, we haven't much time before the blocks fall and the ghosts turn back into, different colour ghosts! Oh god, if only we had a more open playing world or more than just the binary options we could save her quicker. But no, all we can do is run to the right and fiercely stab at two buttons.

Oh Princess. We're coming! We'll bring guns. Or just the ability to jump. But it's enough to stave off the slowly encroaching Space Crabs. We'll get there as soon as we can, we just need to stop off for some food. "Excuse me," you say, "Do you serve mushroo.... blup BLUP BLUP ... OOOMS?"


featuring Steve McNeil & Rob Sedgebeer from 'McNeil & Pamphilon Go 8Bit'

and 8bit Improv, reunited!

Geekeasy: Comedy for nerds
Featuring special guests from the earth.
With Improv, sketch, stand-up, music
and a fight to survive with PowerPoint.


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