Geekeasy: Jail Cell, Living Hell


08:00 PM

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"Don't drop the soap!" Jermain shouts as he pulls away, leaving you in the car-park with the four officers you don't know the names of. Yet. One grabs you by the arm. It's firm, but friendly. You look closely at his face, being sure to log the details. Is he a potential friend? Will he be worth protecting when you start the riots on Escape Day?

As you're marched through a chain-link gate you scan the walls. Great. There's a drainpipe that runs the entire height of the building. Architects are stupid. Especially that one that put you in here in the first place. Well, no problem. You'll see him soon enough. For now, just keep your head down and find some friends. You'll need them for distraction.


Geekeasy: Comedy For Nerds.
Featuring special guests from the earth.
With Improv, sketch, stand-up, music
and a fight to survive with PowerPoint.


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