Geekeasy: Gods & Monsters


08:00 PM

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Volcanos bow at your feet and continents part to let you through. You created 4 worlds this week. And a new race of warriors, waiting with hopeful prayers for your commands. But the one thing you're most proud of is The Lactosaur, a creature so formidable and disgusting that even the most ancient peoples will fear you again. Roargh. It will spill blood in torrents with its vile milk. Ha ha. Milk! You're such a funny god. The Lactosaur is essentially just a giant lactating teat with legs! A-maze-ing.

Right, what next. Maybe you'll travel back in time and make those stupid humans start fancying cats again.


Geekeasy: Comedy For Nerds.
Featuring special guests from the earth.
With Improv, sketch, stand-up, music
and a fight to survive with PowerPoint.


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