Geekeasy: Rom Com With Aplomb


08:00 PM

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"Damnit," you think, as the soggy brown paper gives way and your groceries cascade outwards across the pavement. High fibre juice spreads one way, a pregnancy test kit in another, and that pornography you tried to hide under the eggs flaps open in the light spring breeze. In the moment it takes for your flustered mind to process it all, that familiar smell wafts into nose-view.

Oh no. It's THEM. That one from the bus that I can't stop looking at, every. damn. morning. Oh god, they smell so good. Oh god. Oh fuck. This is so embarras.... your hands touch as the reach for the same egg, and you make eye contact at long last. Oh.

Speaking of eggs, did one just drop out of an ovary?


Geekeasy: Comedy For Nerds.
Featuring special guests from the earth.
With Improv, sketch, stand-up, music
and a fight to survive with PowerPoint.


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