Geekeasy: Games of Throne, with Rachel Parris


08:00 PM

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Your quickened breath scratches your throat like a thief's dagger as tree branches whip at your face, scraping at the dirt and soil and sweat. Wrist aching from the weight of 'Hounds Tooth' and soul still heavy from saying goodbye all those months ago, you run, run, run from the screams and flames of the inn.

Wait, the inn was screaming? By the old gods, it was as though it was. Probably children on the other side of the wall, or women with their boobs out.

Snow billows out from your feet as you slide to a halt, just in time for a crossbow bolt to whistle past your ear and bury itself into the frosty bark of a nearby tree. The tree "Harrumphs" at the impact. It's no tree. It's Peter Jackson, and he's pissed.


Featuring Foster's Award nominee and star of Sky TV's Thronecast, Rachel Parris

Geekeasy: Comedy for Nerds
Featuring special guests from the earth.
With Improv, sketch, stand-up, music
and a fight to survive with PowerPoint.


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