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07:30 PM

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Giggle Loop presents...is back on 19th November for more magical improv adventures with more terrific groups set to split your sides!

DEMONS TO SOME, angels to others! Former members of So This Is Earth and current players with Bleak Mouse (Shamus) and The Petting Zoo (Lola-Rose), the Maxwell siblings take to the stage to bring you funny, scary stories all inspired from a single audience suggestion. They'll tear your soul apart (in a good way)!

WAX LYRICAL transform a single suggestion into scenes with songs - all completely made up on the spot. Recent shows include a circus freakshow, Nipple! (the musical), and a bhangra deep-pan pizza shop. Join us for a mix of funny and touching scenes!

POPULATION 8 will hit you with some short form improv goodness sure to get you falling off your chair! Improvised comedy at its most octagonal!

And GIGGLE LOOP will be hitting the stage with some sexy three way scenes that will take you to places you have never known and answer the questions the world has never wanted to know the answer to.

It's all fun and games and its free!

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