'No Reason' a Wold Class Comedy Show-Peter Broughton-Rates


08:00 PM

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'No Reason' a Wold Class Comedy Show by Peter Broughton-Rates with a
guest appearance from Holly Burn.

Peter Broughton-Rates would like to empty his head on stage in front
of you so he can sleep peacefully for once...no, no that sounds
sinister...Peter purveys happiness come and get slapped with
it...maybe...or 'Work in progress for a show that I'm taking up to the
Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015, 15 years ago I graduated from
Dartington College of Arts, 15 years (+2) before that I was 5 and
moving down from Scotland to London on a night train. I am a quarter
Scottish, half English and the rest has been made up as I go along. My
parents are half man, half woman. For more information come to the
show; we'll build a hero, examine cheap shots and make life brimful of
jollity.' Get Tickets

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