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07:30 PM

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On Thursday 22nd May, TailSpin presents a pulse-quickening, funny-bone-tickling, imagination prickling evening of stories and live music.

There is a Giantess at the gate. Her burning fury melts the ice. She will be avenged against us all. Three things she demands as blood price: The most handsome man in our hall as husband. A joy filled marriage feast. And that her dead father's cold eyes see her wedding day. She will have these things or she will have her vengeance.

BASE winner Tim Ralphs invites you to a wedding at Night of the Storyteller. Fearsome Skadi, daughter of murdered Thiazi, will wed Njord, the peaceful God of the Sea. You might think that this curious union is unlikely to lead to happiness ever after. But it would be rude to say anything and, come bloodshed or bliss, we'll be watching from ringside seats.

"Can the Mountains Love the Sea?" is a brand new adaptation of The Marriage of Njord and Skadi, a Norse myth brimful of anger, magic and adult-humour.

Tim Ralphs is one of the most exciting talents on the British storytelling scene. Teller in residence of the Word Smack Cabaret, host of Sheffield’s The Story Forge, winner of a British Award for Storytelling Excellence in 2012 (outstanding collaboration with Simon Heywood.) and regular guest of the Crick Crack Club, he comes to Tailspin for the first time in 2013 with his fusion of high energy, high intensity, hilarious and horrific adaptations of ancient tales to familiar urban settings.

Plus music from Les Saules Pleureurs who play a mixture of good time Cajun music and country. Songs are sung in French and English. There will be dancin'!

Plus short stories from Will Pinchin and other tellers.

Come early to check out The Miller’s new menu and to sample their excellent selection of beers, wines and cocktails...

TIME: Doors at 7pm for a 7.30pm start

TICKETS: £7 on door. 50p off for cyclists! Reservation recommended.
CONTACT: To reserve a seat please contact Cat at tailspinning@gmail.com

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