Bromide + The Miller Test + Dead Days Beyond Help


08:00 PM

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BROMIDE are a 3-piece london-based band worshipping at the altars of husker du, the only ones, guided by voices, dinosaur jr, teenage fanclub, buffalo tom and other melodic rockers equally obsessed by songs, songwriting and the euphoria associated with playing music through amplified electronic equipment.

"Romping indiepop blast that recalls the heyday of The Only Ones” The Times

"Like an ultra-loud cross between Dinosaur Jr and The Lemonheads" Kerrang

DEAD DAYS BEYOND HELP are Alex Ward (guitar/vocals) and Jem Doulton (drums). Simultaneously epic and mind-scramblingly dense, their live performances feature a wholly unpredictable mix of elements spontaneously balanced by the two musicians without use of a set-list. Veering from violent dissonance to sweeping melancholy, hyper-composed precision to pure improvised abandon, and equally likely to leap at any moment into a wall of flattening noise or the most direct country song, DDBH bypass the pitfalls of irony and the obstacle course of genre by the simple guiding principle: intensity-at-all-costs.

"formidably knotty, complex music which avoids the dry geekiness of US math rock while beating it hands down in terms of intensity and fluidity... Ward’s guitar work leaps between metallic crunch, Fripp-esque tangle and Chadbourne choogle with astounding energy and precision, while Doulton’s drumming swings with commensurate joy and fury" - The Wire.

THE MILLER TEST is a five-pronged attempt to wring the lyrical guts from any tradition that comes to hand. Sashaying between lyrical boy-girl chansons and swamp-funk modulations, from soaring disco melodrama to metal-machine white noise, this is a band whose fragile consensus lies in Abba and 70s Stones, in Maggot Brain, Suicide and Steve Albini, a collective whose ambiguous faith resides in the curiously inexhaustible convention of words set to music; that is to say, the song. .

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