Andy Child's vivid 'Improvanory'


08:00 PM

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Andy Child's vivid 'Improvanory' is going to capture you so much, that you might smell the breath and feel the sweat and the heartbeat of the story's characters.

The Sinister Tales of Dr. Sinistra are going to take you on to a spooky Journey of real Horror, scary adrenaline rushing scenes which will fill your heart with delightful fear while laughing out of terror.

'The Magic Mad Hat' show is going to do exactly what it says on the tin: the stage will be transformed into a magically, colorfully spectacle where 'Hats' are free to be clowns, fools – MAD!!

This magnificent event is going to be finalized with a massive JAM PARTY – where you all can be free, let your hair down and create the most surreal, creative, funny and corny scenes on stage!!!

All that mega great entertainment is for FREE!!!

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