The Next Best Thing + Kitten Killers - Edinburgh Preview


07:30 PM

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Two of the most thrilling and intriguing new sketch acts on the circuit finally share a preview together, ahead of their Brighton Fringe debuts.

Will they try and sabotage each other's hours? Probably not. But maybe. But probably not.

Oh, and it's just £5 for two shows. What a bally bargain.


Jay sees her name in lights; Katie’s fed up with the electricity bill. Together they do sketches. Together they are the Next Best Thing.

"Next Best Thing is a delightfully underrated name for this incredibly talented duo. Their sketches were short, sharp and fresh, keeping me constantly alert, surprised and most of all, laughing. I can’t wait to see more of them in the future.” - Bec Hill



Fresh from The Soho Comedy Lab, the Kitten Killers are currently performing excerpts of their debut show 'Herding Cats' around the comedy clubs of London. So far they have conquered Reading Fringe Festival, Camden Fringe Festival, The Etcetera Theatre, Hen and Chickens, Canal Cafe, Rudy's Revenge and many more. Will their plans for world domination ever cease?!

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