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Come aboard, we're raising money for the glorious charity that is:

They breed and train dogs especially to help people with disability. My little sister has got a dog from them called Bracken and you say 'Good morning Bracken' and he says' WOOF WOOF WOOF' - THAT'S RIGHT, HE SAYS 'GOOD MORNING' back to you. They're basically training magic dogs.

So these previews, are for them. It's only £2. Come.


Scotsman’s Top 5 Comedy Show at the Fringe 2012 and Winner of Best Show at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival 2011, Dr George Ryegold is back. With all the characteristic grace and humility of a cornered wasp, George selflessly pits his formidable intellect against humanity’s ills and, if you’re very unlucky, lets slip a glimpse into the hidden pain of a tortured genius.

‘Played pitch perfectly…painfully funny’
Kate Copstick, Scotland on Sunday

‘Tremendous fun…it’s stuff like this that makes the fringe great’
★★★★★ Three Weeks



Jessica’s wonder-filled third show regales with the glorious realities of moving in with a hoarder and out of a crack den full of nurses with giant dogs like zebras. So don’t worry, it’s not all about transport and crying. Actually, it is a bit about crying. Jess’s been busily in and out of trouble, up and down the world but somehow she stays in one room for a whole hour, to tell you all the funniest things about moving.

“Wears her smarts on her sleeve. Great fun, if not the sort of thing for fans of Paddy McGuinness” The Guardian

“Consistently hilarious” Fest

“Fascinating and funny” The List

“Very talented” Timeout

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