Scratchy Records Presents...Scratchstock #13


08:00 PM

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Scratchy Records presents Scratchstock #13

Bonzer line up featuring..


Bromide are Scratchy label boss Simon’s electric power trio worshipping at the altars of Husker

Du, The Only Ones, Guided By Voices, Dinosaur Jr, Teenage Fanclub, Buffalo Tom and other

melodic rockers equally obsessed by songs, songwriting and the euphoria associated with

playing music through amplified electronic equipment.


The Miller Test

Electro-blues rock. Alt-country chansonics. Lyrical ballads surfing a nose-bloodying tide of

noise. Imagine Nancy and Lee fronting Maggot Brain, or the Bad Seeds by way of the B52s, and

you just might be ready for The Miller Test.


Nigel Of Bermondsey

Join Nigel Of Bermondsey on a musical journey through the streets of this fair capital. You

may meet a ghost or two, cross the occasional underground river or encounter a cursed ironclad.

There may be scenes of mild terror and the possibility of a duel. Have a drink ready to join in a

toast to one of this fine city’s forgotten mystic artists.


Spinmaster Plantpot

Performance poet Spinmaster Plantpot is one part Alexei Sayle and one part Daniel Johnston.

Yeah ! Plus he’s the only person on the bill tonight who’s been in an actual movie shown in

Leicester Square proper big time and evthing. OK so it was Keith Lemon’s film but still..



Some bands get up on stage at the start of their set. Other bands are released onto it in the

hope they’ll remain within it’s confines without causing too much damage before they

need re-oxygenating and placing back into secure sealed packaging. Dave and Emma /

Onehundredpercentboyband are such a band, and their impression of The White Stripes shagging

The Fall will quite possibly have you moving about a bit as well. Debut single ‘Radiator Song’

out soon on Scratchy.


Blind Design

Diogo and his truly international array of ridiculously (sorry, that should read comparatively)

young musicians weave hypnotic fuzzy songs with the kind of flare that you’d expect from

seasoned pros like Flaming Lips or Sonic Youth. Expect to be shamelessly aurally stimulated in



+ dj tbc

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