Technical Specification The Miller

The Miller is split over two floors. The main entertainment space is in the upstairs venue. The upstairs includes a storage area, bar and stage. No dressing room or towels.


Full Pearl Export Series black drum kit - Toms (2), Floor Tom, Bass drum, Snare, Hi-hat, Splash, Ride.
Cymbals not included.

Front of House

Martin W8C Mid high speaker (2)
Martin WSX Sub bass speaker (2)
QSC 4050 Poweramp (1)
QSC 2450 Poweramp (2)
DBX Controller (1)

Monitor System- 4 Mixes

Dynacord AM12P 12" wedge monitor (5)
Turbosound NUQ 115 sub 1 1,990.00 1,990.00 S (1)
QSC 2450 Poweramp (2)

Desk and Outboard

Sundcraft SI Expression 32 (1)

Mics DJs

LA Audio D2 Active DI box (6)
Beyerdynamic ST500/550 microphone stand (13)
Shure SM58LC microphone (7)
Sennheiser E604 drum microphone (4)
Shure Beta 57A microphone (4)
Shure Beta 52A kick drum microphone (1)
AKG 451 condenser microphone (1)
AKG C1000 condenser mic (1)
Van Damme Multicore 50m 24 send/8 return (1)
Van Damme XLR m/f cable (30)
Van Damme insert cable (2)


GLP Scan Operator FX II
2 x Stairville MH-X50+ LED Spot Moving Head
2 x Showtec Sunstrip Active DMX
6 x Showtec LED PAR 56 black
1 x American DJ Micro Galaxian Laser
1 x Stairville NH-30 Fog Machine

Projector and screen

For more information please contact James on 02074072690 mail@themiller.co.uk

The Miller, 96 Snowsfields, London SE1 3SS

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