Band Rehearsal Studio

We have a band rehearsal studio in the basement; drop us an email if you would like to hire this space: james@themiller.co.uk

Miller rehearsal studio Tech Spec


  • 1 x Pearl Drum Kit (minus breakables which include snare and cymbals)
  • 1 x Marshall 120w Valve state amp
  • 1 x Vox 2x12โ€ combo amp
  • 1 x Laney 25w practice amp
  • 1 x Laney bass cab and head.

Front of house

  • 2 x UBL 140w PA Speakers
  • 1 x Behringer 1204fx Mixer with 12 inputs
  • 3 x sm58 mic
  • 3 x mic stands
  • 6 x xlr cables
  • 3 x 4way power sockets

Rates are ยฃ50 for the entire evening which is from 5.30pm until last orders (different nights vary)

Available Monday - Saturday evenings

Theatre/Comedy Rehearsal Space

Our venue is available for rent in the daytimes, its perfect for groups of up to 30 people to rehearse for shows and performances.

Rate is ยฃ60 per day.
Available Monday - Friday, 10-5pm only.

please email james@themiller.co.uk for availability.

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